Four arrested in car burglary spree

A burglary spree in one Mobile neighborhood leads to the arrests of four suspects.   But Fox Ten News has discovered there may be more victims.

Two victims told reporter Renee Dials they had not filed a police report yet.  They now believe they were hit by the same suspects this weekend, and they’re hoping the crime spree is over now that those suspects have been arrested.

“It was all taken out of the truck in order to get to the golf cubs. the only thing was missing was a brand new set of, i won’t say new, but a complete set of golf cubs the bag and all,” a man said.

The man who didn’t want to be identified said he discovered his golf clubs were missing Saturday morning.

He went to a local pawn shop to see if they’d turn up, but he never filed an official police report.

“The police didn’t come by and talk to me.  I found them up there at the, I just happened to run into them up there at the pawn shop,” he said.

Police said there were at least 4 car burglaries on and around Annwood Drive over the Easter weekend.

Police believe they have the people responsible for those break-ins.

Marcus Williams, Jordan Brandon and Joshua Yawn are each facing four charges of breaking and entering a vehicle.  police also arrested a juvenile.

The suspects were arrested Saturday, but the burglary spree may have started days earlier.  One woman said someone broke into her garage Thursday.

“But this door is harder.  We never use this door and when I came outside it was like this, like that.  And I was like we never open this door, why is this door open?” Maria Chambers said.

Chambers said she hasn’t reported the incident yet, because she’s not sure what if anything was stolen. But Chambers said her neighbor was also hit the next night.

“The next day I asked him and he told me about them getting into my neighbors car… Actually, he has cameras on the corners of his house, and he got them.  He got all four of them,” she said.

Chambers and police says it was the video from the neighbors cameras that helped in the capture of the suspects.

Police may soon be hearing from the victims we talked to.

All three of the suspects remained in Metro Jail Monday.

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