Fitness trail opens in Fairhope’s Stimpson Park

FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WALA) -Folks in Fairhope are taking advantage of a unique new way to exercise. It’s called a fitness trail and it has been added to Stimpson park. So what is a fitness trail?


Runner and fitness enthusiast Sandy Wollangk spends a lot of time jogging around Stimpson park in Fairhope, but Monday morning she was curious about the new additions to the park. It’s called a fitness trail and sort of looks like playground equipment for adults.

 “Before and after you warm up and you cool down and this gives you the opportunity to that before you get into the hard race,” Wollangk said. “I like it. It’s nice. They did a good job.”


The fitness trail is a set of ten stations set up along the jogging track. The idea and the $15,000 dollars to buy the equipment came from the Rotary Club of Fairhope and the Fairhope Sunset Rotary Club.

Fairhope Parks and Recreation Director Tom Kuhl, told us the trail has become an immediate hit.

 “We didn’t even have it done and people were using it already. The walking track, running track gets a lot of use people have showed up right away and use it throughout the day and evening,” Kuhl said.


The fitness trail starts out with a variety of stretches and then moves on to a variety of exercises for a full-body workout. As you move along there’s never any worry about getting confused because the directions are always right in front of you and all the exercises can be adapted to your only level of fitness.

 “The city loves to promote a healthy lifestyle so anything that the city can do promote that and just giving folks the opportunity to come out here anytime they want and go through the stations, it’s a positive thing,” Kuhl said.

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