Runner reflects on Boston Marathon one year later

DAPHNE, Ala. (WALA) – A single tattoo on the wrist of Angela Harmison is a daily reminder of her first Boston Marathon experience.

“We won’t forget where we were, what we were doing. So that part of the race will always, will always be with us,” Harmison said.

Fox10 News spoke with Harmison just after the attack last year. She said she and her running group were beyond the finish line when the pressure cookers that claimed three lives and injured more than 200 others went off.

“The three of us girls met up almost immediately. And we saw it, we heard it, we saw the scrambling, we saw the police officers running down the sides of the road. We saw the ambulances barreling in and the sirens,” Harmison said.

A friend of the team, Kit Wright, was getting ready to carb up before tomorrow’s race when we spoke with her over the phone Sunday afternoon. A training injury prevented her from running, which she said may have been a good thing.

“That crossed my mind. I did think about it, but I was really more concerned about the people that were there at the time of the devastation from last year. It did cross my mind, you know, I did feel quite lucky,” Wright said.

But she said she is honored to take part in this year’s race along with more than 36,000 other runners.

“The Boston Marathon is a special race anyway, but yes, considering what happened, it made that even more special,” Wright said.

As for Harmison, even though the marathon was once a one-time bucket list item, she said the experience will drive her to try and race in it again in the future.

“I would do it again in a heartbeat just to be there and, you know it may not be as comfortable as some of the other races that you do, meaning getting prepared for it the morning of, but it’s totally worth it in the end. I mean you really do feel like a rock star. The city makes you feel great,” Harmison said.

Monday’s race kicks off at 8:50 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. Security this year has been tightened and backpacks will not be allowed.

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