Grand Bay man killed in fatal wreck

GRAND BAY, Ala. – Alabama State Troopers are investigating a tragic accident Friday night.  One man was killed while he was driving down Potter Tract Road in Grand Bay.  But relatives tell Fox Ten News they’re not sure what happened.

Family members and friends were gathered at Shayd Arboneaux’ home in Grand Bay Saturday afternoon.  They said they don’t know what happened that claimed the 39 year olds life Friday night.

Neighbor Jerry Lundy said the sound of emergency vehicles woke him.

“I heard it about 11 o’clock laying in bed and I heard it.  I didn’t think anything about it.  At first I figured it was just a fire truck going some place,” Lundy said.

According to Alabama State troopers there was a fatal wreck at the south end of Potter Tract Road.  The family said Arboneaux was on his way home around 10:30 Friday night after visiting his brother.

Arboneaux apparently missed the turn into the Grand Bay Farms subdivision where he lived. He drove half a mile to the end of the road.  Tire tracks in the dirt show where the vehicle left the road and ended up.  But there was no clear indication what caused Arboneaux’ death.

The family said they’re waiting on autopsy results to determine if Arboneauz may have experience some kind of medical difficulty.

The family said Arboneaux will be buried in his hometown in Louisiana. Funeral arrangements are not yet complete.


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