Puppies abandoned at hunting camp looking for good home

Six tiny puppies were found abandoned in a bag at a hunting camp in Baldwin County just a few weeks ago.

They were infected with scabies, and covered with mites and other parasites.

But fortunately, Baldwin County resident Mona Brown was able to take them under her wing.

She bottle fed the puppies until she could switch them to soft food, and now, she’s teaming up with the Haven No-Kill Animal Shelter in Fairhope to help them find a good home.

“You just can’t believe how sweet and loving  they are after what happened to them,” said Brown, “All they want is someone to love them.”

Brown was a foster parent to these puppies, which means she provided a temporary loving home for the pups until someone is willing to adopt them permanently.

The Haven said volunteer foster parents are a very important part of fulfilling their “no-kill” mission.

“Helps us by reducing how many animals we have to house here, how long they have to stay here and things like that,” said Chris Stanfield with the Haven Animal Shelter, “So, foster parents are a huge, huge asset to us.”

Stanfield said the spring time is an especially busy time of year for the shelter. Apparently, more puppies and kittens are being born, so overcrowding is a big issue, which makes foster parents even more important.

“A lot of dumped animals come around this time of year, and fosters are extremely important so we’re able to handle the demand for that, as well as work with the other shelters to transfer as many in as possible,” said Stanfield.

If you’re interested in being a volunteer foster parent for the shelter, it’s easy to do.

The shelter will even provide you with a kennel, food dishes, and other supplies.

You can learn more about how to sign up by visiting the Haven’s website, http://www.havenforanimals.org/.

Or, give them a call at 251-929-3980call skype logo Puppies abandoned at hunting camp looking for good home251-929-3980.


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