Parents not amused by kidnapping stunt


Two guys kidnap a child from a Washington State park in broad daylight. Witnesses make calls to 911 only to find out the whole thing was part of a gag for an awareness video.

They drove a van to a playground. One of the guys then jumped out wearing a mask, grabbed a kid, then drove off! The boy was their nephew who was in on it, along with his mom…but no one else was knew. After parents freaked out, they came back and told them this was to “educateicon1 Parents not amused by kidnapping stunt ” them. They even claimed police gave them permission.

Police are investigating and say they got a call a few minutes before it happened but there was no chance to respond. Several parents say they and their children are traumatized because of the stunt. This video’sicon1 Parents not amused by kidnapping stunt gone viral and there are a ton of nasty comments from parents and even people without kids, saying these guys crossed a serious line. Since Tuesday it’s gotten more than 70 thousand hits.

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