ALERT: Doctors report severe ‘Spice’ reaction outbreak

Local doctors are concerned after noticing a major uptick in patients having a severe reaction to smoking Spice, also known as synthetic marijuana.

 Dr. Trey Simms, who works emergency medicine at Springhill Hospital, tells FOX10 News he has seen 4 to 5 severe cases per day in the last two weeks alone; many of those patients going into a ‘hallucinogenic rage’ after ingesting the drugs.

 Dr. Simms says not only has he seen a major increase in cases from patients ranging between 18 to 35 years old, but in many cases the patients have had to be restrained or sedated in order to be treated at the hospital.

 “Its just the worse that I’ve ever seen,” said Dr. Simms.

 Similar cases have been reported at USA Medical center and Mobile Infirmary.

 Some patients are reportedly brought in off the streets after officers catch them acting strange or hurting themselves or others.

 Officials say they are unsure why the cases are suddenly occurring more often but insist that they also appear to be more severe.

Doctors believe it may be a new batch of synthetic drugs and are urging teens and those who consume Spice to think twice.


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