Jockisch guilty in child sexual enticement case


MOBILE, Ala. (WALA)-The wife of former Mobile County Commissioner Freeman Jockisch said she doesn’t think justice has been done.

A federal jury in Mobile Thursday morning found Jockisch guilty of enticing a child for sex.

He was charged in November after he communicated by phone and e-mail with an FBI agent posing as a 15 year old girl he met from an ad on Craigslist.



Freeman Jockisch made one comment before entering court. “I’m not guilty. I mean, what else.”

A jury deliberated about two hours before finding him guilty.

Prosecutors said Jockisch was travelling to what he believed was a girl’s apartment to have sex with her when he was arrested.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Maria Murphy said, “The ad didn’t mention sex.  The girl, the undercover officer, when he was talking to Freeman Jockisch, clearly said that he was 15 years old.”

But, defense attorney Jeff Deen said Jockisch’s actions were to minister to the girl about the evils of meeting men online.

Deen said, “Oh, yeah,  It’s crushing for him.  Here he is 70 years old, looking at a minimum of ten years in prison, just for screwing around on a computer.:  really sad, sad day.”



A juror said he didn’t want to talk in details about his decision, but did answer questions abut the deliberations.

When asked if it was tough, Willie Ward said, “Yeah, it was tough.”

He said he had never gone through anything like that before, but that he thought the decision was fair.

Afterwards, Jockisch’s wife, Debra, said she was upset they couldn’t tell their side of the story.

She said, “He’s got dementia.  He’s got a lot of medical problems.  He’s sick.  He has heart problems.  He has dizzy spells, headaches.  He’s fallen in the river five or six times.  He’s disoriented, and they wouldn’t let the jury know that.”

As for the future, Debra Jockisch said, “He’s my heart.  He’s my one true love, and I’m his.  And, no matter what, we’re together wherever he is.   I’ll be with him.”



Jockisch is scheduled to be sentenced on July 15th.

He faces a mininum of 10 years in prison.

Jockisch previously served two and a half years in federal prison for mail fraud and tax violations.




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