Not much change in Prichard drainage

Another big storm, another big flood.

“The whole street was flooded, the stop sign to back here by the truck,” said Robert Ray.

Ray’s yard is just starting to dry out. He said the flooding is compounded by clogged drainage ditches.

“Never been cleaned out, since I’ve been here in 96′ it’s over there but they act like they don’t know where it is,” said Ray.

Ray lives off West Turner Road, a place we’ve been doing stories for months.

“Prichard is Prichard. They are going to do what they want to do and they going to make up all kinds of excuses just to keep from coming out and doing what they have to do – their job. We pay taxes and everything, but if you go over there, the mayor ain’t even there. You go over there, they busy. They in a lot of meetings, but they ain’t accomplishing nothing,” said Timothy Thomas back in September, 2013.

Thomas is another West Turner resident who was having the same issue. At that time, Fox10 News spoke to Prichard officials to find out what was being done. We were told the EPA was doing a study on the soil and that the ditches couldn’t be touched until that was completed. We went back to Prichard’s Public Works to check on the progress. Director Anthony Barry said he couldn’t do an on camera interview, but said not much has changed.

Barry said the test from the EPA was just completed within the last month. Back in August, Barry told us that it was going to take more than just cleaning out the ditches.

“To redesign the road, to go in there and restructure the infrastructure of the drainage is a great expense right now that due to resources that we just can’t undertake right now for that portion of the road. Knowing that my whole city is suffering from the same amount that they are in different places around,” he said.

Barry said he would have more information on plans to cleanup West Turner next week. We’ll keep you posted.

Barry said the reason the EPA was testing the soil was due to an old turpentine factory that was to the south of West Turner Road. The city was thinking about developing the site but the soil had to be tested first.

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