Motrr: Galileo

Mother’s Day is coming up and chances are you will be taking a lot of pictures.   How about a device that will let you be in some of those images instead of just taking them?

The Galileo is a tiny device with huge amounts of technology.  The circular device lets you remotely turn your iphone up or down, and left to right.

You can use it to create panoramic images, time-lapses, or even as act as a baby monitor or provide home surveillance.

Once you download the Motrr app, it will instruct you to download several third-party apps including, TimeLapse, Videography, and Sphere.

Users remotely control Galileo with a swipe of their finger.  The smartphone fits snuggly into the plastic cylinder dock.  So when mounted, the Galileo turns the phone into a 360 degree robotic spinning platform. 

Fox10News took the device for a spin.  We found some of the same features you’d expect from a professional camera with the Videography app.  It actually follows faces, motions or colored objects…meaning it doubles as an surveillance camera or baby monitor.

Panoramic images were pretty simple to create with Sphere.  Keep in mind the iphone already allows you to take panoramic shots, but you have to move the phone pretty still to get a decent shot.  No need to do that though with Sphere, because it rests right in the device and rotates automatically.

The Galileo sells for $149.99 and works with iPhone 4S models or newer. 

The Videography app is a $3.99 download, TimeLapse costs $4.99 but Sphere is free.  All of the apps can be found in the iTunes Store.

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