Samsung Galaxy S5 Security Flaw

Just days after Samsung released its newest smart phone, researchers say they’ve already found a weakness in the phone’s security. A Youtube video shows experts hacking into the new Galaxy S-5’s fingerprint sensor. The video was posted by testers from Security Research Labs. They say, they were able to break into the phone and make a payment using Paypal. The testers made the fake fingerprint out of a wood-glue mold, based on a photo they took of a fingerprint.

Google wants you to customize your smart phone just the way you want it. The company is working on a modular phone called “Project Ara”. It would let users buy different flat, rectangular modules that can slide into the phone’s frame. Each module performs a certain task: one for a camera, one for the battery, one for a blood-sugar monitor, and so on. Google is expected to release an early version of the phone next year.

And, it looks like Netflix’s recent  deal with Comcast is paying off for customers. Netflix reported streaming speeds for Comcast users watching Netflix jumped nearly 50-percent last month. The jump comes after Netflix  agreed to start paying  Comcast to stream its videos directly.

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