Local drug doctor faces medical board

doctor arrest

A Foley Doctor is expected in Montgomery, Ala. Thursday, April 17 to answer to allegations of drug addiction following his high profile arrest in Gulf Breeze, Florida.

Dr. Thomas Syverson is accused of being a danger to his patients and the public after he was arrested on DUI, drug and bribery charges back in 2012.

Syverson specializes in pain management at Syverson Medical Group in Foley.

His medical license was temporarily suspended and now the Medical Licensure Commission of the State of Alabama will hear him out and determine if his license will be revoked.

Dash cam video caught the Doctor trying to bribe his way out of trouble. He promised the officer and his friends medical treatment; claiming he was an important member of society.

Records show Syverson tested positive for prescription drugs and traces of controlled substances.

He claimed drug paraphernalia in his vehicle belonged to his children. Several pain medications and a gun were also found in the car.

FOX10 News is following the case.

Syverson’s hearing is set for 9:30AM.

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