New Scam Targets Netflix

Is Amazon coming out with a phone? Sources tell the Wall Street Journal that the web giant has recently been demonstrating a version of its handset to developers, and plans to ship phones by the end of September. The smart phone market is dominated by Apple and Samsung, but the Journal says Amazon hopes its phone will stand out for its ability to display 3-D images on its screen without special glasses.

Have you ever thought of Facebook as a bank? The social networking site may get the greenlight from Ireland’s Central Bank to become an “e-money” institution there. That would let users store cash and use it to pay and exchange money on Facebook.

And, the Better Business Bureau is warning us about a new scam targeting Netflix users. You may see a pop-up or email directing you to a fake Netflix log-in page that tells you your account has been suspended and gives you a 1-800 number to call. If you call, fake Netflix  customer service will help you by asking for remote access to your computer. That’s when your personal information could be stolen.

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