MAWSS estimates 251,345 gallons of sewage spilled

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – Mobile Area Water & Sewer System (MAWSS) officials said numerous sanitary sewer overflows occurred as a result of heavy rainfall and street flooding in the Mobile area that began on April 14.

Barbara Shaw with MAWSS says 26 locations in Mobile overflowed, creating a health hazard for many Mobilians, resulting in more than 250,000 gallons of waste water – equal to 8 ½ family-sized swimming pools – to overflow into area waterways.

“The water just has nowhere to go,” said Shaw. So it is looking for a place to go. So if it finds a defect in our sewer line, that’s where it goes. And that causes a surge in our lines and that causes the overflows. That’s when you see the manhole overflows.”

That is exactly what happened Monday night. A manhole cover on St. Francis street in Downtown Mobile danced on the asphalt as the rain poured and water flowed with a mixture of sewage and storm water.

“This is waste water that is coming from homes and businesses,” said Shaw.

The waste water has since flowed into area waterways – and does so every time substantial rainfall occurs. Three Mile Creek, Eslava Creek, Dog River, and Halls Mill Creek, all affected.

“It is contaminated and people need to use precaution around any of the areas that are affected,” said Shaw.

She said many factors contribute to the sewage overflow – from the city’s drainage and storm water and management system to you: the resident. She said keeping your home’s sewer system in check helps storm water from getting into the mix.

As for flooding in Midtown Mobile, one of the hardest hit areas…

“A lot of it is just aging infrastructure. We have fixed a lot of midtown. We have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in the past fifteen years but the system is dynamic. I mean, you fix one area and suddenly you have a problem somewhere else. It’s just something that is continual,” she said.

Shaw said MAWSS is always looking for ways to fix or head off problems.

The Mobile County Health Department said Monday the state is currently testing the water.

FOX10 News reached out to the City, which maintains the drainage systems but has not heard back.

FOX10 News will continue to follow the progress of this story.

The locations, estimated amount of wastewater, and receiving waters are listed below, including an interactive map. Overflows ceased as of Monday.

[iframe src=”” width=”640″ height=”480″][/iframe]



Creek Or River

Estimated Gallons

1102 Gimon Cir Eslava Creek


766 Johnston Ave Eslava Creek


2409 Octavia Dr S Dog River


4115 Riviere Du Chien Rd Halls Mill Creek


4115 Riviere Du Chien Rd Halls Mill Creek


Dog River Dr W @ Bream Dr Dog River


2335 Dog River Dr S Dog River


Parkway Dr @ Peer Ct Dog River


120 Demouy Ave @ Murray St Eslava Creek


208 Westwood St Eslava Creek


175 Westwood St Eslava Creek


224 Crenshaw St Eslava Creek


211 Westwood St Eslava Creek


204 Seminole St Eslava Creek


257 Island Ct Eslava Creek


Bizzell Ave / Pecan St Three Mile Creek


600 Bizzell Ave / Pecan St Three Mile Creek


MLK Ave @ 3 Mile Creek Three Mile Creek


Patterson St @ Besteda St Three Mile Creek


306 Patterson St Three Mile Creek


Lake Dr @ Tricentennial Park Three Mile Creek


Tonlours Dr @ Three Mile Creek Three Mile Creek


1050 Lubel Ave Three Mile Creek


Baxter St @ Chateague St Three Mile Creek


McVay Dr @ Navco Rd Eslava Creek

N/A (Evidence)

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