Easter Sunday savings

Hippity hop, Easter’s on its way! This year, Easter falls on Sunday, April 20 and if your kids are expecting a bunny to drop off some sweet treats, there are some simple cheap ways to make that happen.

For example, re-use that old basket from last year. You can spruce it up with spray paint and ribbons to make it festive. If you want to get even more creative, use a basket alternative that can be part of the gift, like a ball cap, a decorative box or a purse.

Replace sweets with other treats. Those solid chocolate bunnies are sure to give your little one a sugar high not to mention the mess it can make. It’s fun to sprinkle some jelly beans and a few chocolate bunnies here and there, but consider buying other items your child would enjoy and can put to good use.

Event planner Leigh Patton suggests using “toys, bubbles, pencils, stickers and things like that for the kids that are little but too young so they can’t eat the candy.”

Check the thrift store for fun finds and give items your kids may already need like a swimsuit and beach towel.

When it comes to that annual Easter egg hunt, recruit some help this year from neighbors and friends.

“Bring all the parents together one evening. Put the eggs together, put the treats together and it’s just a fun way to celebrate the season,” Patton said.

Since you’re all working together, agree to shop in bulk and split the cost on full-size traditional candy favorites. Shop warehouse stores like Sam’s Club and Costco usually have great deals.

Before you hit the store and go on a spending splurge, make a list of what you want to keep your budget in line.

If you want to get creative with some fun games or decorations, Pinterest is a great resource site and can give you some good ideas to jump start your brain.

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