Reaction to Mobile’s efforts at managing stormwater

With more rain expected Monday and Tuesday, you will probably see more trash floating down waterways like Dog River.

A state agency is suing the City of Mobile for violating stormwater management laws, but the city is working on a plan to get back into compliance.

A Mobile environmental group is weighing in on the city’s efforts thus far,


You might call it the calm before the storm along Dog River.

The weather early Monday morning was nice, but trash was already building up along the sides of the river, ready to start the long trip down the waterway as its done in the past, such as after a heavy rain May 28th.

Fox Ten News talked with Scott Cassity, a Marine Contractor, at the time.

He said, “After a storm like today, you’ll see a huge influx of trash come out and sweep right on through this area here at Navco, and continue around a couple of bends. “


The City of Mobile is working on a stormwater management plan, and the environmental group Mobile Baykeeper is especially interested in it.

The Executive Director of Mobile Baykeeper, Casi Callaway, said, “(The) comprehensive stormwater management plan is making sure that we’re capturing trash, that all of these storm drains, like right here below us, every one of these has a trap in it to collect litter.”

The city is expected to present its plan in court May 2.

Callaway said, “They’ve finally developed a plan that we think is comprehensive.  We haven’t seen it yet, but, we’re looking forward to reviewing it. “

When asked if she was encouraged with what’s been done so far, Callaway said, “Absolutely.  They have a great new team at the City of Mobile and we’re really excited to be  working with them.”


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