Mayor Stimpson hosts community meeting

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – Monday night, April 14 Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson, and his executive staff, held a community meeting. The mayor said the meeting allows some citizens to learn more about what is happening from city government to your neighborhood.

The sanctuary at Christ United Methodist Church is always occupied on Sunday mornings. But on Monday night, it was much of the same this time for a different message…one from the mayor.

Mayor Stimpson, along with members of his executive staff talked about the goings-on in the city.

“We’re trying to hear what the citizens have. We want to know what their concerns are but also give us an opportunity for them to know that we are doing so that they know we are making progress,” said Stimpson.

Questions asked ranged from litter in city streets to speeding through neighborhoods. The mayor said one goal of these meetings is to make Mobile the safest and most family-friendly city within the next few years. On hand to be held accountable: public safety officials including Police Chief James barber and Interim Fire Chief randy smith.

“I feel like we are making very good progress…the community is starting to see the personnel in the field more often. Going to parks and going to school. So we are trying to build that community involvement,” said Smith.

“We’re going to be having community meetings on an ongoing basis…I want to hear what the citizens have to say and share with them what we’ve been doing,” said Stimpson.

The next meeting will be held on April 21 at Moffett Road Assembly of God.

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