Heaven is for Real: Burpo Interview

The Burpo’s have an incredible story that’s being heard around the world. When Colton for four-years-old, he had an emergency surgery, during which he says angels came and took him to heaven. The Burpo’s sat down with Dani Dials to talk about their experience.

Colton says he was very afraid when he saw the angels. He says he could look down and see himself on the operating table. He says he could also see his parents, who were in two seperate rooms at the hospital. He says he stopped being scared after Jesus had the angels sing to him while he sat on Jesus’ lap.

Colton says heaven looks like a perfect version of earth. He says there’s no night in heaven. He says everyone in heaven has wings, and nobody has glasses or uses wheelchairs. He says everyone in heaven is young. He says there are animals, trees, and water in heaven.

Colton’s father, Todd, says when Colton first told him about his experience in heaven, it was hard to grasp. He says he and his wife didn’t know the depth of Colton’s experience because initially, Colton only said little things at a time. But once Colton started talking about the angels singing to him, and seeing his parents during his surgery, and meeting other family members in heaven, his parents believed Colton’s experience was real.

Colton told his mother, Sonya, that he met the baby that died in her tummy while he was in heaven. Sonya says knowing that the baby she miscarried is OK, and with Jesus, makes her feel very comforted.

Colton says while he was in heaven he got to meet King David, Samson, the apostles Peter and John, Mary, his great grandfather and sister, Jesus, and the archangels Michael and Gabriel. He says God has not allowed him to remember the conversations he had while in heaven.

Colton says it’s hard to imagine what God looks like because He is so massive. He says God is so big, and He can fit the whole world in his hand. Colton says the closest representation to what God looks like is the archangel Gabriel.

Colton says Jesus has brown hair, a brown beard, and beautiful sea-blue eyes. He says Jesus’ smile is brighter than any he has ever seen.

The movie, Heaven is for Real, hits theaters April 16th.



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