Google to Sell Glass to Public

T-Mobile is at it again, in its effort to shake up the wireless industry. over the weekend, the carrier started selling 4G-enabled iPads for the same price as wi-fi-only models. Rival companies usually charge $130 extra for 4G devices. As part of the promotion, called “Operation Tablet Freedom,” T-Mobile is offering customers around 1.2 gigabytes of free 4G LTE data each month for the rest of the year.

Google’s got a daily deal for Google Glass. Tomorrow starting at 8am, Google will sell any adult willing to pay 15 hundred bucks a pair of its Google Glass eyewear. Previous to this offer, only certain people called Explorers were able to buy the technology.

Here’s a first: U.S. internet advertising revenue has surpassed that of broadcast television. That’s according to a report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau. It says internet advertising revenue rose to a record $42.8 billion last year, whereas, broadcast TV ad revenue, was $40.1 billion.

And,  it didn’t take long for actor Robert Downey Junior to take Twitter by storm. Just after he signed on, he quickly got more than a million followers. That number continues to grow. His first tweet read “Talk to me, Twitter.” It also featured a selfie at the movies this weekend. With only four tweets, Downey’s followers are now up to 1.18 million.

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