Elderly Daphne woman robbed in home

An elderly Daphne woman’s peace of mind was stolen along with some of her money earlier this week by two thieves.

“I used to tell people, oh I love going home to my house because I feel so safe there and my neighborhood is so safe. And now I got to live in fear,” Renate Bobinger said.

Fear after 78-year-old Bobinger was robbed and attacked in her home. She told Fox10 News her neighbor Dewayne Steiner had come by with his supposed girlfriend, Donna Myrick, to borrow some money. But once the pair was inside her home, they distracted Bobinger and stole her money and purse.

“And I picked up my billfold, and I opened it and I said, ‘Oh my God! All my money’s gone!’…I said, ‘You all stole my money!’ I said, ‘I’m going to call the police,’ and that’s when she took her fists and started beating on me right here,” Bobinger said.

Bobinger said she had back surgery in November 2013 and didn’t have the strength to fight them off. The pair eventually left when Bobinger came to the driveway and started calling for help.

The duo was arrested on Friday. Bobinger said Daphne police did an excellent job.

“They were coming by here checking and seeing if I was ok and making sure that I was in a good place. I’ve never seen anybody that protective of me, that I wasn’t going to get hurt,” she said.

She said because the pair stole her keys, Bobinger had all the locks on her house changed just in case they ever come back.

And neighbors said they hope nothing like this happens again.


“Certainly it makes you a little concerned, not overly concerned though. Cause it’s one incident in 15 years. Course it could happen again tomorrow. Who knows,” Bill Boor, one of Bobinger’s neighbors, said.


Both Myrick and Steiner were charged with second degree robbery. And while Steiner remains behind bars as of Saturday night, Myrick has been released on a $15,000 bond.

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