Burglary suspect caught on surveillance video

MOBILE, Ala. – A local business is fed up with burglars.  After getting hit again  Saturday morning, the owners are hoping they now have the evidence they need to put the latest thief behind bars.

When employees showed up for work at L & D Scrap Yard in Prichard around 7:20 Saturday morning they discovered a burglar had just left.

“He was here.  If we’d a been 5 minutes earlier he’d have been in this office,” a worker said.

The burglar got in through a fenced area on the side of the building, and then broke in through a back door.

Once inside, Manger Curtis Heck said the thief  apparently tried to avoid setting off the motion detectors on the cameras by scrawling across the warehouse floor on his belly.   It didn’t work.

“that’s him.  He’s bellying scrawling,” assistant manager Jessica Richardson said.

“It’s very frustrating.  We’re trying to run a small business, and just try to keep employees employed.  There’s enough handouts  in the world already without somebody trying to take what we’re trying to work hard for,” Heck said.

The burglar quickly headed for the office where he’s seen cleaning out the cash drawer.

But, before he leaves he spots some deposit bags..

“He’s going to look down and see that red bag.  Then he pulls the whole thing out and starts going through it,” Richardson said.

This is the third burglary in the past three years, and Heck says the owners of the family business have had enough.

“We’re going to offer a two thousand dollar cash reward for his conviction.  You know two thousand dollars is a lot of money today,” Heck said.

Heck is confident the reward will work.

“Someone is going to turn him in. Usually a theft doesn’t have many friends.  A thief is not loyal to anyone else, so I doubt anybody is loyal to him,” he said.

In addition to the video, police also recovered finger prints inside the office.

If you recognize the suspect call the Mobile Police  Crimestopper hotline at 208-7000.

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