Neighbors: Alleged sexual assault location, 20-year eyesore


Neighbors on Mott Drive say, for nearly 20 years, they’ve asked the city of Mobile to clean up the spot police say a teenager was sexually assaulted.

FOX10 News checked out the area and while a crew was on the scene, a Mobile city worker was checking out the area. We learned someone called to complain about the overgrown, neglected ditch. And that was not the first time a neighbor filed a complaint.

“We’ve been trying for about 20 years ,” said one neighbor who asked to be identified.

The woman thinks  if the ditch were  cleared out, it would be harder to hide there.

“When we moved here they told us it was the city’s property. They were cleaning it up. Reporter: ‘But they stopped and you don’t know why?’ Neighbor: We don’t know why… one time they said they didn’t have it in the budget,” the woman tells FOX10 News.

We reached to the city of Mobile’s spokesperson George Talbot and asked if the city is looking into the matter.

“We absolutely are looking into it. The fact that this area of our city has experienced such neglect is not acceptable. It is a good illustration of why we must repair our basic infrastructure. That is a top priority for Mayor Stimpson, and something we are accomplishing by shifting more resources into our capital improvement budget,” said Talbot via email .

We will continue to check back with the city to see if the neglected ditch gets some attention.


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