MCPSS: 9 students arrested at Mobile County Training School

Mobile Police said nine students were arrested and seven students sent home from Mobile County Training School Thursday, April 10 after a fight broke out.

“I know my son is in trouble. He’s getting charges pressed on him (and) I don’t understand what’s going on,” said a parent of one of the students, Teresa Chaney.

Investigators said it all started when the power went out in the plateau community just after noon. Police said teachers were moving students out of the classrooms when they started fighting.

Nancy Pierce with the Mobile County Public School System said the fight happened in the school’s courtyard and involved three female 7th graders, one male 7th grader and five male 8th grade students.

“The power went out and they got a big audience and the children went wild. It was probably the heat that stirred them up but I feel like the way they handled the kids, it shouldn’t have been handled like that at all,” Chaney said.

The nine students arrested were taken to Strickland Youth Center and suspended. They’ll most likely be charged with disorderly conduct which is a misdemeanor.

The seven students sent home could also face charges.


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