Spring and Summer Food & Wine Pairings at Lap’s: Part One

Whether dining in or out, the folks at Lap’s On the Causeway joined us on Studio10 with some wine pairing tips.

In this first of two segments, Lap’s paired three wines with three dishes. All great for spring and summer. 

1. Seafood Stuffed Peppers – Dr. L (Riesling):

Light and refreshing, it’s perfect for brunch and spicy dishes.. like the peppers. The ultimate match for salty and spicy summer eats. It pairs with just about any cuisine but especially seafood. Riesling is also incredibly versatile: it can be used to make sensational dry and semisweet wine yields textures and flavors that range from acidic and dry to ripe and rich. Delicious young, it has the potential to age as well as the finest reds. Its high natural acidity means it can range from light to full bodied, and bone dry to lusciously sweet. Riesling rarely sees the inside of a barrel, so what you taste is the true expression of a grape.

2. Salmon – Meiomi (Pinot Noir):

Pinot Noir’s can be very balanced can take a little heat without being lost pairs. Pinot Noir is often described as having a red wine palate profile and a white wine style, making it popular with both red wine and white wine enthusiasts. Approachable, food friendly wine with a style and place all its own. Brings the rich fruit flavors of strawberry, cherry and raspberry to the glass often in a mix of warm spice and earthy undertones.
This is considered a classic combo. Salmon and this light-bodied red have matching silky textures, and berries and warm spices in the wine set off the sweet, pungent fish. Also pairs well with Tuna. Salmon and Pinot are cut from the same cloth.

3. Frog Legs – Silver (Chardonnay):

Silver: Pretty standard go to Chardonnay.  The higher acidity in this wine makes it a perfect accompaniment to a wide array of food, particularly salads, grilled seafood, tomato-based dishes and fresh oysters.  About Silver: intriguing notes of lemon meringue, quince and citrus, complemented by a crisp acidity that carries through from start to finish.

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