Pro-life students file suit against University of South Alabama

Cemetery of Innocents

Students for Life USA, a pro-life student organization, has filed a complaint in federal court against numerous University of South Alabama officials.

Students for Life USA claims it sought to discuss its pro-life views on campus by arranging a display called the “Cemetery of Innocents.”

The defendants named in the complaint are:

  •  newly appointed University President, Tony Waldrop
  •  Vice President of student affairs, John Smith
  •  Assistant Vice President of student affairs and dean of students, Michael Mitchell
  •  Dean of the College of Engineering, John Steadman

Click here to read the full complaint

The complaint, filed on April 4, goes on to say the university would not allow them to place their display outside of a pre-approved ‘free speech zone.’

Students are angry, saying that other student organizations have been allowed to place banners and displays around campus with little to no restrictions.

In a statement, University of South Alabama spokesman Bob Lowry said “The University of South Alabama encourages the free and open exchange of ideas.  We are reviewing the complaint recently filed.  Due to the ongoing litigation, it would be inappropriate to comment further at this time.”

FOX10 News is working to get more from University officials about the complaint and will update this story.

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