More than 20 auto burglaries in two days

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – During the last two days, in areas of West Mobile and Semmes, more than 20 auto burglaries have been committed and police need your help finding the suspects, on April 9.

Four different neighborhoods have been targets of burglars since Monday morning, April 7: Cambridge Place, Woodland Hills, Stonebrook Subdivision, and Camellia Place

“It’s a real quiet neighborhood,” said Greg Kohn, a resident of Cambridge Place.

Kohn and his neighbor Brandon Bedsole have both been victims of auto burglaries in the past two days.

“My vehicle was broken into, my wife’s. Several on the street. It’s getting ridiculous,” he said.

Thanks to neighbor’s security cameras, they may have leads in the case, but it still not very clear.

“They’re from my neighbor’s camera. They’re running through the neighborhood. Two or three of them. He got really good footage of them. Thirty minutes later the truck comes back and picks them up and takes them away,” said Bedsole.

“Is is the same people? It could be,” said Kohn.

Many of these burglaries occurred in the early morning hours while people were either still asleep or getting ready for work. Some with the windows down and the keys still left in the car.

It happened to Morgan Flowers of Woodland Hills. She walked outside after her husband went into work Tuesday morning and her car, that was sitting in her driveway, was gone.

“It definitely has me on edge now…I never thought anything like this would happen and for somebody to take something that I worked hard for…just for them to take something like that makes me feel really bad. It’d be nice after this to see more police around. Definitely,” said Flowers.

Officer Terrence Perkins with the Mobile Police Department says the chances of becoming a victim cam be reduced if you take the right steps.

“You can prevent car theft by not leaving any valuables in plain sight for anyone walking by the vehicle. Definitely make sure your valuables are well covered up or well concealed inside the vehicles. Make sure your windows are rolled up completely and your doors are locked at all times,” said Perkins.

He also said if you have anything valuable; store it in the glove compartment, center console, or trunk.

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