Cost of crawfish going down

The cost of crawfish…

It’s been rough year for fans of the mudbug. Alaina McDonald at R&R Seafood told us the arctic chill of this recent winter drove prices sky high.

“They just shot up on us so people weren’t buying and we couldn’t get them so the demand wasn’t there either,” McDonald said.

Crawfish on ice

Essentially what happened is that crawfish just don’t like the cold. They bury themselves deep under the mud and when they’re deep in the mud they’re not crawling into traps.

“It makes them very inactive so it wasn’t easy to get them in the traps to get them from there to us,” McDonald said.

Prices coming down

There is good news for crawfish connoisseurs. The spring warmth has rapidly dropped the price for the little critters. Wednesday, April 9, the wholesale cost dropped by 50 cents a pound.

“The weather has gotten warmer, and the crawfish, as you can tell, are moving and a lot more lively so people are flooding in here to get them. They’re enjoying them they taste great,” McDonald said.

So if you love crawfish, but the price has kept you away it’s time to dive back in and get crackin’.

Stats of the shellfish

 110 million pounds of crawfish are harvested each year. Generally you can get fresh ones through July Fourth.

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