93-year-old vet throws first pitch at BayBears opener

With every season there’s a sport and with spring comes baseball. For some, going to the Mobile BayBears game is a yearly tradition.

“I just like watching the game a good  “double A” player is only a hair away from being in the major leagues and how often do you get to see that person this close? ” said Lamar Duffy.

He has sat in the same seat nearly every game and hasn’t changed that in 18 years.

“I had these seats when they won their first championship and I always kept getting these same two seats,” Duffy said.

He’s not the only one with the tradition. Art Slack has been throwing the first pitch for the opening season since the BayBears starting playing at The Hank Arron Stadium.

A WWII vet who survived cancer and still comes to the home opener at 93 years old, is a man who enjoys baseball.

“I think you see better baseball played in the “double A” then anywhere else. Pro ball, anywhere, because these boys they play hard. They play to win and they know if they don’t make it here they go home,” Slack said.

Slack threw out the first pitch of the game and has been doing so at the home opener for 18 years. He hopes to do so again next year at 94 years old.

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