Teen assaulted on cut-through path

MOBILE, Ala. – Mobile police have released a composite picture of a man suspected of assaulting a teenage girl in the Toulminville community on Monday.

Fox Ten News went back to the neighborhood Wednesday to see if we could find out more about the area where the teen said the assault happened.

A police car was outside Leflore High School Wednesday afternoon as kids started to head home.

Police said a 16-year-old was walking home Monday when she was assaulted by an unknown man.

“You want to be safe in your neighborhood. You don’t want to be in a neighborhood where you can’t walk and go home safely,” neighbor Shellbonnie Allen said.

Allen had just found out about the incident when we talked to her.  She and other neighbors said it’s pretty scary.

The teenager told police she took a shortcut to get home.  The  wooded path is behind a house on Donald Street.  That’s  where she said a man grabbed and then assaulted her.

The teens said she kicked her attacker, and that’s how she managed to get away.

The cut that people use to get from Donald to Mott Street isn’t easily spotted from either street.  But, everyone we talked to knows about it.

“So, he probably is familiar with the area,” one man said.

This man says he knows about the cut-through, but he doesn’t use it.

“I walk all the way around.  I don’t use that cut,” he said.

Neighbors told Fox Ten News  they’ve talked to detectives.  They said they haven’t seen anyone matching the description of the suspect.  But now that there’s a composite, police are hoping someone will recognize him.

Police said the teenager described the suspect as a heavyset black man in his forties.  She said he had a beard.

If you have any information about the crime call Mobile Police and (251) 208-7000.

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