Windows XP Support Ended

If you’re still using Windows XP, you may want to go ahead and upgrade. Microsoft is ending support for the operating system today. The Windows XP system is nearly 13 years old, but it’s still being used on about 30-percent of computers. And, about 95-percent of ATM’s still use it. If you have Windows XP, you’ll still be able to use it but there could be a security risk. That’s because Microsoft will no longer issue security updates. And, new apps and devices like printers may not be compatible.

Amazon has another piece of hardware. It’s called Dash. It’s a wand that customers can use to scan product barcodes or speak the names of the items they want to buy into it.  For now, users must have an Amazon Fresh account and live in parts of California or Washington State.

And, the next big round of Apple announcements are expected to happen in June. The company announced a date of June 2nd for its next worldwide developers conference. The annual event is where Apple gives the press and developers a peek at its latest projects. Because it’s a conference for application developers, the big unveilings tend to focus on operating systems and software, so don’t bet on any major iPhone or iPad announcements.

That’s your Daily Tech.

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