Proposed construction of Hardee’s causes concern

  Several concerned citizens showed up to a Daphne City Council meeting Tuesday night, April 7 to speak out against the possible construction of a Hardee’s in the Malbis Historic District.

“I live in the subdivision. We have a school in the subdivision. I walk my children on the street that people are going to cut through, and I’m just really concerned with the traffic,” said Jennifer Miller.

Traffic is not the only concern some Daphne residents have with the proposed Hardee’s to be built at the intersection of Highway 181 and Highway 90.

Some said they are concerned about the noise, trash, or their property value decreasing.

Residents are also worried about the fact that Mayor Dane Haygood is the applicant for the Hardee’s development, and the site was approved behind closed doors.

“I think a lot of our concern is transparency,” said a woman who only identified herself as Michelle. “We kind of like to be more informed about what’s going on, we feel like some things have been done a little shady. At least, it’s put a lot of question of black cloud around this office.”

“We’re concerned that the 181/90 intersection is already overloaded, and for the mayor to propose a development that would increase the traffic and make it worse for everybody, is very concerning to us,” said Jennifer Miller.

Ron Scott with the Daphne Planning Commission explains why the potential Hardee’s did not go a normal site review.

“It did not come before the planning commission for a site approval because the staff deemed that the size of the building was smaller than what had been approved previously,” said Scott.

Scott said these worried citizens have a right to go through an appeal process and the planning commission will consider it.

“If it does come before us in an appeal, it will come before us, and we’ll look at the facts and make a decision,” he said Tuesday.

Mayor Haygood said he was glad citizens came out to voice their opinions.

He said this is a three year business venture that started before he took office.

Haygood also told FOX10 News that some of the residents were opposed to the Hardee’s simply because of it’s brand and the provocative commercials the company has been airing

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