Mobile City Council to vote on Ladd Stadium parking controversy

City council pre meeting

MOBILE, Ala. – Some Mobile City Council members have a differing view on whether or not citizens should be required to get a business license in order to allow parking on their private property during games at Ladd Stadium.

The issue first came up when some people complained to the council after they were issued citations for allowing parking on their property during the Senior Bowl.

City Council member John Williams commented during the pre-council meeting Tuesday that he saw no difference between what the residents were doing and street vendors who sell merchandise during the games.  Williams said both were businesses for profit.  He said people who made money on parking should be required to get a license, even if it was only a dollar fee for the license.

Council member Levon Manzie disagreed saying he did not think the parking on private property was the same.  He said it was a tradition that has existed as long as the stadium.  Manzie also said the citizens who allow parking during the games actually provided a service.

The council is expected to vote on the issue during its regular meeting.  FOX10 News Reporter Renee Dials is covering the council meeting.  She’ll let you know how the vote turns out on Fox10 News at 5 p.m. and on

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