Eye witnesses take stand in “road rage” trial

Several eye witnesses testified Tuesday morning in day two of Steven Pinson’s assault trial. Pinson is accused of shooting tourist, Damon Hembree after what Orange Beach Police described as a road rage incident August 2, 2012.

Witnesses included drivers that were stopped at the intersection where the prosecutors say Pinson shot Hembree in the chest after a heated exchange of words. One witness who was on vacation from Texas with his wife testified that he witnessed Hembree reach inside the driver’s window or “break the plane” of Pinson’s truck. The eye witness said he then saw Hembree spit at Pinson just before the gunshot.

The state will be putting Hembree on the witness stand to tell the jury his side later on Tuesday and will then rest. The defense is expected to begin calling their witnesses later in the day. Fox 10 reporter Hal Scheueich is at the trial and will have the very latest on Fox 10 News at 5 p.m.

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