Watching the weather Monday morning

A Creola couple said they are lucky to be alive after that a powerful storm system moved through the area Monday morning.

Strong winds knocked down a tree and a power pole next to their home.

The damage happened just before 6 am in the 10500 Block of Old Highway 43.


Cathy Reid told Fox 10 what got her attention about  a quarter to six Monday morning.

She said,  “The wind, it got louder.”

The end result:  trees down, a shed damaged, and a utility company having to restore electricity.

Cathy and her husband, Earl, also described what they heard and saw.

Cathy Reid said, “It was like an aqua color and it just came by like, kind of turned, and it flashed in front of me, and,  I jumped, ran and snatched my ‘youngin out of bed, and I came in here and my husband was like, ‘Get in the room, get in the room.’ “


Earl Reid said, “All of a sudden, I heard a “boom” outside, and I know it was the power.  And, I heard the hail hitting the window.”

Cathy said, “He heard the hail hit the window, and then, when it got to hit the window, it was like a “zzzz” and it was over just that quick.”

Then, the Reids went outside to check the damage.

Cathy Reid said, “The tree was down, the shed was busted, and we’ve got trees down in the backyard, and we didn’t have no power. “


But, it was the downed tree in the front yard that caused the most concern.

If it fell the opposite way, it could have crashed into their home.

Fortunately, no one was hurt.

The Reids have to do some cleanup work, but, they know it could have been worse.

When asked if she feels thankful, Cathy Reid said, “Oh, yeah.  But, thats scary.  I don’t want to go through that no more.”

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