MPD: Airsoft gun lands teen in metro jail

Police say an air soft gun and a bicycle landed a 16-year old-behind bars at Mobile metro jail.

Hunter Maples, 16, was arrested and charged as an adult with first degree robbery after police say he tried to steal the bike from a 14-year old middle school student on Sunday, April 6.

“I mean you can go buy you one if you wanted one. They’re not that expensive,” said the alleged victim, Kolby Pryor. “You can go on eBay, craigslist.”

Pryor and his family tell FOX10 News the teen was at a friend’s house along Wagon Wheel drive and had stepped outside to use his cell phone.

That’s when he says three teens approached him and demanded his bike, which he refused.

Pryor says Maples then revealed what appeared to be a gun in his waste band.

He says the 16-year old made threats while the other two watched.

“They said ‘boy you want to get shot?’ I didn’t say anything back. I just — right when they started walking I got on my bike and started racing home and couldn’t even get through the front door. I couldn’t even open the door because I was that nervous,” he said.

A neighboring officer was alerted and the search began for the three juveniles.

Witnesses say Maples was caught jumping backyard fences and was taken in for questioning.

Maples’ family declined an interview but said, while they do not excuse his behavior, they believe the teen should not have been taken to jail.

The 16-year old is expected in court for a bond hearing.

Police say the two teens with Maples were questioned and released.

“The two other guys were sitting there watching it. They could have stopped the guy from doing it. they could have told the dude to stop – like a bully,” said Pryor.

Police say Maples’ charge is a class-A felony and compared the fake weapon robbery to a bank robbery.

FOX10 will let you know what happens at his bond hearing.

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