Kids report parents’ drug activity

It’s usually parents who discipline their kids but in a recent case in Citronelle, the tables were turned.

Police said siblings reported their father and stepmother, Johnathon and Samantha Peek,  to police for allegedly growing marijuana inside their home.

“What I’m seeing is kids that have parents that have drug problems and have issues, they don’t want to live like that and they’re changing the pattern,” said Citronelle Police Chief Shane Stringer.

Stringer said when the kids were picked up by their mother a few weeks ago, they told her there were drugs inside their home.

That’s when police obtained a search warrant and arrested Johnathon and Samantha Peek.

Both are charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana second.

“They had the plants in there and they had some of the plant material in a garbage can where they would pick it, put it in the garbage can and allow it to dry and be prepared,” Stringer said.

The owner of the home said Johnathon and Samantha Peek were recently evicted for not paying rent and he didn’t know about the pot problem until the siblings came forward.

“It’s a blessing to see the kids are taking the initiative and they’re wanting a better life and they’re wanting a different lifestyle,” Stringer said.

Police said one of the siblings is a teen in high school and has a bright future ahead.

“One of the kids is in ROTC trying to go into the military. These kids are tying to change the pattern and make something of themselves,” investigators said.

For others who may be dealing with a similar issue, the chief has a message:

“Talk to a counselor or talk to police. There’s a lot of ways we can help other than just arresting their parents,” Stringer said.

Both Johnathon and Samantha Peek are out on bond.


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