Threat of rain keeps many off the beaches, not fishing piers

Where the beaches were packed just a couple of days ago, resembled a ghost town Sunday afternoon.

And while cloudy skies and the threat of rain kept many people off the beaches Sunday, that didn’t slow down foot traffic along the Gulf State Park Pier.

“If you’re bottom fishing, pompano’s been doing very well, sheep head’s been biting well, so far the weather hasn’t really taken a toll on us yet,” angler Wilson Gregory said.

Gregory spent the better part of the day casting his colorful lures, hoping for a good catch. He says if anything the choppy waters have made it tricky to sight fish.

“Cobia fish has been doing good the past two days, except now the visibilities got bad to spot them,” Gregory said.

Indiana native Aaron Blankenbaker came to town with his three kids while they’re on spring break to test their angling luck.

When we caught up with them, they had no bites, but they kept at it.

“As long as the rain holds off. We’ve got some rain gear, but I don’t plan on using it,” Blankenbaker said.

But with a nearly 100 percent chance of rain Monday morning, chances are there will be far less crowded piers and more vacant beaches tomorrow, at least for part of the day.

“That’ll keep a lot of people off the beach. And if there’s lightning in the area, the lifeguards won’t be out on the beach to warn people. So it’s really going to be up to people to look at the weather and using their judgment based on what they see as far as lightning goes,” Melvin Shepard, beach safety director for Orange Beach, said.

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