Prichard “Blue Light Hit House” shut down in police raid

PRICHARD, Ala. – A raid on a suspected hit house in Prichard leads to 18 arrests.   Police call the house a den for drugs and other illegal activity.

There was a single light on at the home known as “Blue Light Hit House” on Sweeneys Lane Sunday afternoon.   Prichard police raided the house around 10:30 Saturday night.

Chief Jerry Speziale calls the house a community nuisance where illegal drugs and alcohol were suspected of being sold and consumed.

“We surrounded the location because  it has three exits and entrance ways.  And as a result of that like I said the community has  been under siege by this location,” the chief said.

Police seized marijuana, synthetic marijuana, bath salts, and five handguns.  The chief said more than 75 people were crammed into the home.

The raid was the result of a month long investigation sparked by calls to the city’s new tip line.

I talked to several people in the neighborhood who knew about the hit house, and they say it wasn’t so bad.

“I ain’t never had no problem out of it.  It was a surprise to me,” a neighbor said.

“it was like a club everybody go there and have some fun. It’s just a couple of haters.  Ain’t nothing wrong with the Blue Light,” a woman said.

“It was no problem.  I mean it be some music that’s all,” another neighbor said.

But, police said there was a lot more than music going on at the house.

“What this Blue Light Hit house was doing was taking juveniles, had gang members, had drug dealers, and they were operating every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night,” Chief Speziale said.

18 people are facing a variety of charges including drug possession, and many had outstanding warrants.

There were also 4 juveniles in the house, including a runaway.

“What they would do is gang members would have their own separate room,  drug people would have their own separate room.  It was like an establishment that was being run,” the chief said.

The chief said now that the blue light is out of business others will follow.

Most of those arrested are free on bond.  The four juveniles have been returned to their parents or guardians.

We’ve posted the mug shots of some of the suspects on our website.





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