Elderly Satsuma woman killed in fire

SATSUMA, Ala. – An early morning fire claims the life of an elderly Satsuma woman. Neighbors called 911, but they were unable to save the woman.

Fire tape surrounds the house on West Woodland Avenue. Bert Taylor was on his way home early Saturday the morning when he spotted flames just down the street.

“We come in about 1:15 a.m. this morning made the turn off of Plateau onto 5th, and we could see the flames coming off the roof of the house.  So we run down there, and my wife called the next door neighbor Chance Hill, and Pastor Roy and I was already there,” Taylor said.

“We got to her bedroom and was trying to knock out windows to find her, and the house was just engulfed with flames,” she said.

Taylor called 911, around the same time as another neighbor, but it was already to late to save the 82-year-old woman who lived in the house.

“It was just too bad.  It was too hot, and too much smoke. I mean it would have been a death trap to go in there,” Taylor said.

“She was just the most wonderful human-being God ever made,” neighbor Ann Trawick said.

Trawick told Fox Ten News she received a heartbreaking telephone call about the fire Saturday morning.

‘She said Nana are you sitting down? Your friend’s house caught on fire last night. I said oh no I was suppose call her today,” Trawick said.

Dennis Bumpes lives next door, but he didn’t find out about the fire until he woke this morning.

” It had been out a long time. I saw them bring her body out of the house,” he said.

Firefighters found the elderly woman’s body in her bedroom. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

We do know who the victim was, but police have not yet released the woman’s name.

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