Beaten veteran celebrates 80th birthday

With a song in the air and cake in hand, family and friends of now 80-year-old Robert Huber felt today was an especially happy birthday.

“My heart’s just so happy to know that he’s back at home and he’s improved so much, cause we didn’t expect what he’s gone through,” Kim McLemore, one of Huber’s daughters, said.

And it has been quite the ordeal for the veteran of two wars. After being beaten and robbed in his home, he spent weeks in the hospital and in rehab.

“What he went through, being a veteran touches us. We know the sacrifices he’s already made for this country and for all of us. And to hear the horrendous story of what was done to a veteran right here on our own soil just touched us all and we really connected with that,” Michael Byears, ride captain for the Patriot Guard Riders, said.

Beyond the repairs community members made on Huber’s home, Byears gave Huber another gift today: making him an honorary member of the Patriot Guard Riders

But Huber has his reservations about getting back on a hog.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been on a motorcycle and I probably never will be neither unless I get on the back of one (laughter) or a side car,” Huber said.

McLemore said her gift is just getting her dad back.

“He is doing a lot better, he’s building strength and…the words are hard to find,” she said.

And Huber loved every minute of it.

“Oh, I’ve had a good, happy birthday this year. A lot of people,” Huber said.

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