Spanish Fort on track for severe weather sirens

Spanish Fort is getting closer to being the only city in Baldwin County with weather warning sirens, but it is still going to be several more months before they’re installed.

In a FOX10 News report in February,  we asked why the warning systems were not being built.

At that time, FOX10 News was told the process had been held up by government red tape, awaiting State Emergency Management Approval.

However, since that report, the program has started back up.

Nearly a year ago, the City of Spanish Fort received a FEMA grant that paid three quarters of a $160,000 price tag for emergency sirens.

Mayor Michael McMillan said in our modern world of smart phones and instant updates, the sirens are just another way to get an important message out.

The sirens will be placed in these five locations across the city.  They are:  City Hall, Spanish Fort Middle School,  Rockwell Elementary, the Five Rivers Delta building on the Causeway and the Churchill subdivision.

Currently, crews are working to find accurate power supply units for when the sirens are put in place.

Some Spanish Fort residents told FOX10 they support the sirens.

“TVs are off, the phones are set to do not disturb, in the evening time, I think that’s another good alternative to wake people up, it’s better than hearing nothing,” said resident Carlos Covo, who believes the sirens will be helpful.

Baldwin County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) Director, Mitchell Sims, said, however, there are a few limitations.

“So people, if they’re riding in their car that’s well insulated, or if they’re at home, doors closed, windows closed, insulated, they may not be able to hear everything,” he said, “Once they do hear, if it’s a sunshiny day they may not know what the siren is about, so hopefully the sirens will give them some type of a heads up, where then they will turn to traditional media, smart phones, and then start learning about what’s going on.”

Sims explained these sirens are another protective layer for Spanish Fort residents, which is something the mayor of Spanish Fort is in great anticipation for.

“I’m ready to get them in place, any time I wake up in the morning and I see weather coming at us, I think  about these sirens, wishing they were already there, but they will be there soon,” said Mayor McMillan.

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