Maysville residents speak out after MPD drug raid

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – One day after Mobile Police officers  raided areas of the Maysville community, residents are speaking out saying they appreciate police efforts to make their neighborhood safe, on Friday, April 4, 2014.

Thursday afternoon, undercover officers, intelligence personnel and SWAT team members raided houses and confiscated drugs including marijuana, cocaine, over $4,000 in drug money, and weapons among other items.

On Friday, FOX10 News visited the area and asked residents how they felt about the raids and increased police presence. Residents in Maysville could not be happier knowing drugs and weapons are off the streets.

“It’s very good what’s happening because it’s too much danger and too much things going on and too many unsolved incidents happening that nobody wants to speak about,” said one neighbor.

Neighbors said it was for the best…and support whatever the police have to do to keep their neighborhood safe.

“I’m alright with whatever happens with my family…I don’t want nothing to happen to them. So whatever y’all have to do to make the city better, it’s ok with me,” said a neighbor.

A big concern: children in the community.

“I feel kind of safe for the little kids that be out on the street and stuff like that so I mean anything to protect the young ones. The new generation,” said Richard Brown.

“I have nieces and nephews that attend the school and I’m sure when they are getting out of school or walking to school, they see a lot in between the day and I’m not for that at all. I’m for the raiding. I’m really for that,” said Erica Herman.

Reverend Frank Porter said he sees it all the time and glad the police department is making an impression.

“It’s bad things – these drugs and things like that in Maysville. Anywhere drugs is bad. More police presence in area it would help the drugs,” said Rev. Porter.

Mobile Police arrested a total of 12 suspects in the raid. They are still looking for three others. If you know their whereabouts, call Mobile Police at 208-7000.

Chief James Barber tells FOX10 News this is just another step in ‘hotspot’ policing. You can expect to see more of these raids in the next few months.

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