Train hoppers caught in highly restricted area arrested

Port authority police arrested several train hoppers who were caught in a highly-restricted area.

Police tell FOX10 news, early Thursday, April 3 sensors and surveillance cameras alerted them to 4 transients and a dog that jumped off a train in the downtown Mobile switchyard.

Investigators responded immediately and arrested the group; taking the dog to animal control.

The men arrested were:

  • James Smith, 35, of Oromore, OK (who police say had an outstanding warrant from CA)
  • John Price, 29, of Atlanta, GA
  • Brian Mills, 22, of Covington, GA
  • Alvin Jackson, 26, of Atlanta GA

Port Authority police say they average at least one transient train-rider arrest a week.

The latest bust comes a little more than a year after several train-hoppers were crushed to death while huddling inside a gondola, headed for Florida.

FOX10 News is speaking with officials about the problem and national security issues.


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