Freshwater fishing for Bream

WASHINGTON CO., Ala. (WALA) – The warmer weather is making for great fishing. Meteorologist Jason Smith goes fishing at a freshwater lake.

It was a beautiful April morning up in Washington County, and Jason started out throwing a small spinnerbait along the deeper stretches of this small lake. The bite was slow early on. Later in the day, Sean Sullivan from FM talk 106.5 decided to join Jason after his morning turkey hunt. He showed Jason a much more productive stretch of lake. Sean focused on the bream with light tackle and a small black and chartreuse beetle spin, while Jason worked on the bass with his pond magic spinnerbait.

With the spring pattern now in full swing, the fish were really feeding in the shallow areas. These baits don’t require a lot of action, you simply make a nice long cast and bring them back with a slow and steady retrieve. It was one fish after another. Jason and Sean ended up with a nice mess of both bream and bass after only 20 minutes of fishing.

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