Amazon Fire TV Streaming Box

It looks like Siri has some competition. Microsoft just introduced Cortana, the company’s new digital assistant. Cortana is part of the new Windows phone software. Cortana can search the internet, set up alarms, make calendar appointments and perform other tasks. Interacting with Cortana is similar to Apple’s Siri. You press a screen button, ask a question, and Cortana goes to work.

T-Mobile will stop selling Blackberrys on April 25th. If you own a Blackberry, you’ll still be able to use T-Mobile service after the deadline, but the two companies’ contracts will not be renewed.

And, Amazon unveiled a new video streaming device. It’s called Amazon Fire TV. The tiny box costs $99 dollars. It allows you to stream Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, music and more straight to your television. One interesting feature is voice recognition. You can tell the device which TV shows to search for. You can also use the box to stream video games. There’s a whole library of games available through Fire TV. You can play the games with your remote, or if you’re more serious about gaming, you can buy Amazon’s $40 dollar video game control.

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