Ballerina Bandit gets away on bike


A ballerina bandit danced his way into Colton Sims’ garage and stole his brand new bike around 10 p.m. March 31. The entire crime was caught on surveillance camera Sims installed in his garage after his parked car was hit.

Sims said he never thought the camera would capture a tip-toeing thief stealing his bike.

“As soon as he saw that bike he was happy. I think he even did the Carolton as he ran up to it. I had to go back and watch it over and over. Everyone thought it was an April fools joke because of how funny the video was,” Sims said.

As funny and entertaining as the thief is, he wasn’t clowning around. The bike cost nearly $400 dollars and Sims said he only had it four months.

“It’s a matte black 3G cruiser with copper colored wheels,” Sims said. He said it wasn’t locked up.

Based on surveillance video from Moe’s BBQ in Downtown Mobile, it appears the ballerina bandit knew exactly what he was going after.

Video shows he stood outside the apartment gate before heading toward Sims’ garage. He’s in the garage for less than 15 seconds then peddles away out of the gate.

Some who live and work downtown say they’ve seen the thief around and identified him as a homeless man who’s always dancing.

“If they think they can get to it, they’ll run, dance whatever they’ve got to do to get it and take off with it,” Sims said.

Homes surveillance cameras help catch crooks

 Mobile Police spokesperson Terence Perkins said home surveillance cameras help them catch the crooks.

“We’ve  seen a lot of homeowners with video cameras and it’s a great tool to have because it helps law enforcement out on their investigation. That does make a case for us to have the video to catch the person on the commission of the crime,” Perkins said.

Owner of TSI Alarms and Audio said the demand to catch crooks on camera is growing and the products are now  more available are affordable.

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Sims said he uses dropcam.

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