New App Tracks Emails

Yahoo wants to compete in a big way with Google’s Youtube. The company is in talks to buy online-video service ‘News Distribution Network’ for about $300 million, according to The Wall Street Journal. Yahoo is looking for viewers’ eyeballs and advertisers’ dollars.

Amazon releases more original content- hoping to compete with Netflix. Amazon is bringing back ‘Alpha House’, its original political comedy,  for a second season. It also plans to make a full series out of 6 of the 10 shows it tested as pilots.

And, a new iPhone app helps you keep an eye on who’s reading the emails you send out. It’s called Mailtracker. It tells you the moment your message is read, how many times it was read, and even tells you if the message got a “good look” verses a glance. It also tracks the recipient’s location that could help you detect a scam. For example, if you reply to a business supposedly in California, and get a notification that it was opened in Nigeria, you may want to beware. Right now, Mailtracker works with emails sent through Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo, and Outlook/Hotmail accounts.  Android and desktop versions are expected to come out in a few months.

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