Mobile teacher, husband linked to Baldwin burglaries

Perry Arrests 1

Unless construction crews are working on a home, many times new construction lots stand alone.

If they’re far enough along to have appliances in them, Fairhope Police said that could make them burglary targets.

That’s what police said happened after a dishwasher disappeared from a new Fairhope home.

“Because it was a home construction site, there were no doors or windows yet on the home so they simply walked in and disconnected the dishwasher from the water line and took it away,” Sgt. Craig Sawyer said.

Sawyer said the case was tricky solve since there wasn’t much at first to go on.

“Because of construction delays, no one had been on-site. So it was there in October, it was missing in December and it’s just kind of a vague, vague case for us to start with,” Sawyer said.

However, investigators said a key piece of evidence was found when Mobile Police arrested husband and wife James and Terry Perry: appliance serial numbers.

“The homeowner, fortunately for us, had the serial number. We were able to enter the serial number into a national database,” Sawyer said. “When the Mobile Police Department found the dishwasher in their jurisdiction, they matched that serial number against the national database and realized it was a stolen item.”

The Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office said they had a similar case involving a stolen washe and dryer in a house just outside of Daphne.

“We feel like they’re responsible for the burglary, but it’s still under investigation at this time because they have requested a lawyer and we have not been able to talk to them,” Captain Steve Arthur said.

Arthur said while these kinds of cases don’t happen every day, they’re not infrequent either.

“It does happen frequently, but we make arrests frequently now because of those issues. It’s not anything that occurs, but it’s not anything that’s uncommon to have these types of incidents happen frequently,” Arthur said.

Officials advise that with big budget items, it’s best to take down the serial number and store it away from the appliance, just in case.

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