Google’s Shelfie

Google just can’t get away from all the April Fool’s Day jokes.  Now the company is taking credit for selfies!

On Monday, Google issued its Pokemon Challenge.  It asked would-be Pokemon trainers to prove they have what it takes to catch the little animated monsters with Google Maps.  The reward?  A job at Google as a Pokemon master.

The following day, April first, Google jumped on the selfie bandwagon by letting users upload their self-portraits to use as Gmail inbox themes.

In a Google blog posting the company said, “as the pioneering platform for selfies, Gmail is committed to being at the forefront of innovation in the selfie space”

The company is also letting users share these themes with one another. They’re shareable selfies, or as Google likes to call them, “Shelfies.”

The pranks come as Google’s email service celebrates 10 years of service.  Gmail has grown to dominate the web-mail world, having more than 500-million users.

And although the service may not cost money, is it turning a profit.  Gmail makes money by scanning emails and using data for targeted ads and user profiles.  Because of these practices Google has been a target of privacy lawsuits over the years…and that’s no foolin.

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