Bond hearing held for slain sgt. wife


Wednesday in Mobile County courtroom Eugenia Campbell was denied bond. She and another defendant Alexander Williams, stand accused of murdering her husband, Sergeant ReMano Campell in 2011.

Defense attorney, Donald Freelander said, “We stand by our clients complete innocence in this matter and hope that she will be vindicated by a jury once the matter is resolved.”

Patricia Campbell, ReMano Campbel”s mother spoke to FOX10 News after the hearing. She said, “It’s hard. It’s hard. But I know when god helps me were going to make it and we must forgive. To go on.”


Wearing shirts proclaiming they are ‘Fishing for Justice’ ReMano Campbell’s family and friends attended today’s bond hearing. It was the first time the victim’s mother had seen Eugenia Campbell since her arrest.

“Actually today when I saw her I saw pity,” Patricia Campbell said,  “My heart went out with compassion for her. I want justice and at the same time you’re talking about somebody that’s known her since she was a child.”

Just getting to this day has taken more than two years as investigators gathered enough evidence to charge Eugenia and then extradite her from a jail in Mississippi.

“I have this peace that it is all going to work out for all of our good and the way god want it to work out.”


The big question in this case all along has been motive. In the bond hearing the prosecution said the motive was money, insurance money to be exact. We should get more details of that possible motive at a preliminary hearing on April 23rd.

The preliminary hearing on April 23rd will determine if this case will go to a grand jury.

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